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imassage, Inc.’s  Mission

imassage understands the success of the industry lies in the moments of interaction between therapist and client. All programs are designed to offer technical and interpersonal skills to strengthen this therapeutic relationship. Our goal is to assist in the development of a professional, healthy practitioner that exceeds client expectations.


Customized Massage Training Highlights:
  • Injury Prevention for Massage Therapists to reduce and prevent workman’s compensation claims
  • Deep Tissue Massage that won’t harm the guest or the therapist
  • Professionalism and soft-skills to ensure “Flawless Guest Experiences”


The imassage approach seeks to address the growing trend of workman’s compensation claims and preventing future claims amongst spa massage therapists.  As spa therapists begin to establish seniority and fall into less that optimal body mechanics and ergonomics, the risk for work-related injury sharply increases. On the other end of the spectrum: according to 2014 research, 40-50% of massage therapists leave the profession within the first two years. Either way, every spa will need to focus on keeping their therapists healthy if they are to meet increasing guest demands and a trend of a shrinking number of national massage therapists.

With seventy percent of spa guests receiving massage, it is imperative the experience exceed expectations. A commitment to educating the massage team will positively influence your business — increasing dollars spent per visit, improving the number of repeat visits, and growing your clientele base through positive word of mouth. imassage helps you address workplace injury/workman’s compensation claims by focusing on our signature career longevity concepts of body mechanics and ergonomics to ensure a healthy team of practitioners. We focus on developing a highly skilled therapeutic massage team that is also adept at navigating softer skills such as customer service, transitions, draping and effective communication.


The benefits:
  • Reducing workman’s compensation claims and preventing future claims
  • An overall approach to massage that won’t harm the client or the therapist
  • Reinforcing professionalism and communication skills
  • Increased therapist confidence with professional recommendations


There are many benefits to having imassage come to your spa; consistency of service, improved retention, less scheduling conflicts and employee self-confidence, being just a few. Ask for a customized program today.

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