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Alison Howland

According to Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of the Quality Evolution, to have a leadership based business that creates constancy of purpose for improving services and systems, breaking down barriers between staff areas, and implementing vigorous programs of education and self-improvement puts everyone in the company to work to accomplish unprecedented transformation.

The systems to support an outstanding guest experience include having an internal team who is not only trained to offer technically superior experiences, but who understand the cost of retaining guests.  It begins by understanding the unique relationships between management/staff, management/guest, staff/guest and it all comes back to everyone treating and being treated with civility and respect.  Ignore this at your business peril as  the results of this can be costly, according the Harvard Business Review:

  • Managers at Fortune 1,000 firms spend the equivalent of seven weeks a year dealing with the aftermath of incivility which leads to loss of clients and staff
  • 38% of staff will intentionally decrease the quality of their work when treated rudely
  • 78% of staff said that their commitment to the organization declined when management didn’t respect them
  • 25% admitted to taking their frustrations out on customers as they had no other outlet
  • 69% of your guests leave because they simply feel you don’t care enough about them or their business, many citing disinterest and rudeness as factors
  • Common wisdom these days estimates that the cost of getting a customer is between six and thirty times more than it is to be to keep one
  • Retaining even 5% of your guests can result in substantial profits

Did some of these statistics get your attention?

In order for your business to offer an experience that flows effortlessly, all internal systems, processes and tools must be able to easily deliver what is expected, and then some. When this happens, all systems can flow and offer the desired level of profitability.  This unique state of optimum system operations creates  and elevation in the overall guest experience.

We can help you:

  • Assess your internal operational systems as it relates to your corporate culture
  • Analyze the factors needed for your financial success
  • Identify critical areas and strategize their correction through a system of phase ins
  • Build staff retention protocols

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